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About JA Envirotanks

Company Background

Birmingham Entrepreneur and Engineer Joseph Ash established Joseph Ash Ltd (JA Envirotanks) in 1845 and the company has been manufacturing storage tanks in carbon and stainless steel ever since.

What JA Enivrotanks Do ?

Our Birmingham factory produces the patented "ENVIROTANK" enclosed bunded storage tank. The Envirotank product is used in quarries, distribution facilities and refueling premises all over the UK. Typical applications for our tanks would be vehicle fuelling, gas oil for standby generators and boilers, diesel tanks, workshop waste oil tanks, oil storage, adblue storage and chemical process tanks.

The basic concept of the ENVIROTANK and one of its main advantages is that the outer bund, which is a secondary containment for the primary storage tank, is sealed from the elements, eliminating any rainwater accumulation and its waste disposal costs. The inner steel tank is surrounded by another outer steel tank that is sized to contain 110% of the capacity of the primary storage tank. The unique design allows for any overfilled fuel from the primary tank, to flow into the bund. This fuel can be recovered and pumped back into the main storage tank uncontaminated, eliminating any fuel wastage for the client.

What are Envirotanks and Uses ?

The ENVIROTANK is manufactured in rectangular, horizontal cylindrical or vertical cylindrical formats. Single walled tanks in similar formats are manufactured for use in a bunded tank room, existing open bund or new build open bunds for multiple tank farms.

JA Envirotanks steel tanks have a design life of 20 years and are ideal for sitting in aggressive commercial or industrial environments.

The ENVIROTANK design is compliant with The Control of Pollution Regulations 2001 and can be offered to OFTEC Standard 'OFS T200' (the only UK standard that includes Enclosed Bunded fuel tanks). The Envirotank is designed for long-term service and reliability. JA Envirotanks' products can be equipped with leak detection alarms, overfill alarms, mechanical overfill prevention devices and accurate gauging, fill point cabinets with spillage containment are fitted and equipped with roller shutter or steel lockable doors. Dispensing pumps and fuel monitoring equipment can be mounted within the cabinet in order to provide a ready to use factory tested refuelling package as the Turnkey solution.

JA Envirotanks portable fuel stations can be deployed and in use at the client's premises within very short time frames.

All Envirotanks are manufactured in a range from 200 litres to 140,000 litres capacity and the standard delivery period is normally within 5 working weeks. When planning the installation of any fuel tank, an impervious concrete base would be the most suitable foundation. A crash barrier impact protection system to any part of the fuel tank exposed to moving vehicles such as lorries, vans and forklift trucks would also be advised. Crash barrier systems and warning signs can be supplied by JA Envirotanks if required.