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Cylindrical Aboveground Vertical Enclosed Bunded Oil Tanks

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Capacity Range from 2000 litres to 140,000 litres

Vertical Cylindrical Enclosed Bunded Storage Tank - View 1

Vertical Cylindrical Storage tanks with flat base

Manufactured generally in accordance with BS 799: Part 5: Type 'D'

All welded seams. Certified tested

Fitted with 600mm diameter manhole with set pinned cover and gasket

Screwed or Flanged Connection to suit application

Finished primer and gloss finish to customer's requirements.

Available as conical roof tanks depending on size

Tanks over 3000mm diameter fitted with shallow cone top.

Blind manholes housing drains, low level outlets and leak detection maintaining bund integrity


  • Weatherproof
  • Space saving
  • Compliance with Control of Pollution regulations
  • Cuts costly site work
  • Needs only suitable hard standing foundation
  • Easily transportable
  • Overfilled product can be re-used from Bund
  • Sizes / capacity to suit clients footprint or site limitations
  • Finished in oil resistant paint
  • Clients own in-house colours can be accommodated on request


  • 80mm fill pipe complete with valve and non-spark cap
  • 100mm vent pipe complete with bird guard
  • 25mm sludge drain pipe complete with plug
  • 40mm draw off pipe complete with valve
  • Electronic Bund Monitoring Alarm
  • All valves can be supplied with locking clamp if required
  • Pressure transducer contents gauge calibrated in litres
  • Overfill alarm and warning panel
  • DipTape and Calibration charts
  • A caged ladder and platform are available with a hot dipped galvanized finish.
  • Peripheral Hand railing with a hot dipped galvanized finish.
Vertical Cylindrical Enclosed Bunded Storage Tank - Technical Drawing