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JA Envirotanks - Case Studies

North East England Tank Farm

North East England Tank Farm - Banner TanksNorth East England Tank Farm - Banner Tanks
North East England Tank Farm - Banner TanksNorth East England Tank Farm - Banner Tanks

Summary : Total Storage Capacity of 1.77 Million Litres

This project came about with the relocation of a tank farm situated on the Olympic Village site in London. The customer needed to be relocated to the north east England to within a short time frame to mitigate the himpact to their business.



  • 12 Weeks

Products Used

  • 26 Vertical Cylindrical Single Skin Tanks 68,000 litres capacity each
  • Tank Dimensions 10700mm High x 3000mm Diameter

Distribution Centre North Midlands

Distribution Centre North Midlands - Image 1
Distribution Centre North Midlands - Image 2 Distribution Centre North Midlands - Image 3


JA Envirotanks were asked to provide a system that would allow drivers to refuel vehicles, refuel red diesel site vehicles, refill engine oil and inflate tyres at the fuel island area. The system designed by JA reduced on site installation costs, by designing and manufacturing the tanks within our works to suit the site-specific requirements.

To protect the tanks from vehicle collision JA Envirotanks also installed impact protection crash barrier along the length of the tanks.



  • Design, manufacture, installation and project management


  • 7 Weeks

Products Used:

  • 1 x Double Compartment 108,000 litre tank
    Split 54,000 Litres / 54,000 Litres
  • 1 x Triple Compartment 118,000Litre Tanks
    Split 54,000 / 54,000 / 10,000 Litres
    Bespoke pipework arrangement with valves and manifold system
  • 1 x Barrier along side of tank for protection
  • 2 x 1000 Litre Autolube Tank
  • 2 x Air lines for tyre inflation with hose reel and compressor housed in end cabinet of bulk tank
  • 4 x 90 litre per minute fuel island pumps for white diesel
  • 1 x 70 Litre per minute fuel island pump for red diesel

London Hospital Project

London Hospital Project - Image 1London Hospital Project - Image 2
London Hospital Project - Image 3London Hospital Project - Image 4


The precision design and manufacture of these tanks were very important as the 3 off 100,000 litre capacity tanks had to be installed after the site had constructed the basement and lower levels of the hospital. The tanks were dropped into the basement and skated into place. Due to site restrictions the turnaround and manufacture on these tanks were crucial to the overall project programme. JA Envirotanks customer liaisons were key to the successful installation of these tanks.


  • Design, manufacture and delivery to site


  • 6 weeks plus ongoing due to construction

Products Used:

  • 3 x 100,000 Litre Capacity Single Skin Rectangular Storage Tanks
  • 2 x 8,000 Litre Capacity Enclosed Bunded day tanks, placed on higher level of structure
  • 3 x Ladders and platforms

Underground Double Skinned Bulk Tanks

Underground Double Skinned Bulk Tanks - Image 1Underground Double Skinned Bulk Tanks - Image 2
Underground Double Skinned Bulk Tanks - Image 3Greater North London Data Centre - Image 4


JA Envirotanks were brought into this project at an early stage by the M&E Consultants to advise on the requirements for the site. The M&E Consultants then specified JA Envirotanks as the preferred supplier for the bulk storage tanks on this project.


  • Consultancy, Design and manufacture


  • 9 weeks to design and manufacture the tanks

Products Used:

  • 2 x 130,000 litre double-skin, underground tanks
  • All leak detection, Overfill Prevention Valves, float switches, alarms, Gauges, chamber liners and covers.