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Design for the future and save yourself money

Most people don’t realise that the latest fuels supplied contain between 5% to 7% bio fuel content – an ideal breeding ground for microbial contamination. This is mainly due to the increased amount of water present where the bio fuel acts as a detergent, cleaning the inside of the storage tanks allowing dirt to be dragged into the pumped systems.

As a consequence, storage tanks, particularly those with irregular or low usage, inevitably become contaminated as the micro-organisms start breeding and growing prolifically. Necessitating more regular tank inspection and cleaning.

With normal fuel storage tanks, due to their construction with internal steel stays, they need to be cleaned thoroughly by a team using confined spaces equipment. Entering tanks presents health and safety issues and greater expense, particularly if confined spaces certified operatives have to be employed.

The J A Bio–Envirotank alleviates this by using a patented design of structural tank support, on the outside of the tank – not the inside. This means that when it comes to cleaning, as the inside is clear of steel it’s possible to carry this out from the manway hatch by simply washing down the uninhabited interior to a sump located in the base of the tank.

This means that there are no confined spaces operatives’ necessary, it can be carried out by normal manual staff, with some knowledge of fuel tanks.

Get the latest design in fuel storage tanks and save yourself some money into the bargain by asking about the J A Bio-Envirotank range.