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Vertical Open Bunded Storage Tank (Download PDF)Download PDF

Capacity Range from 1000 litres to 130,000 litres

Vertical Open Bunded Storage Tank

Time consuming site construction work for the installation of tanks to store diesel fuel, white spirit and other semi-hazardous liquids is no longer a problem.

A tank-within-a-tank or 'Open Bunded Tank' by the Birmingham specialists.

The Cylindrical Open Bunded Storage tank, needs only a suitable hard standing foundation. It has the very useful additional advantage of being portable from site to site. Subject to local planning requirements being met.

The new tank is available in a range of sizes from 1,000 litres up to 130,000 litres. The outer 'Bund' tank normally has a capacity of 110% compared with the largest inner tank to ensure any leakage is safely contained.

The complete package comprises the storage tank, fitted inside its 'Bund' tank, all ancillary pipework, valves, contents gauge, caps and lifting lugs. A dispensing pump and fuel monitoring equipment can also be fitted, if required, with all pipework connected and wired to the isolating switch.

After connection to a mains supply the package is ready for use. Fabricated from mild steel plate the tanks are protected a zinc alkyd primer and a coat of gloss finish paint for weatherproofing, colour to be specified.

JA Envirotanks deliver the complete package as a unit to the customer's premises. If at a later date, a new site for the 'Open Bunded Tank' is required it has only to be emptied of liquid (separated necessary), lifted onto a truck and transported to its new location.


  • Weatherproof
  • Space saving
  • Compliance with Control of Pollution regulations
  • Cuts costly site work
  • Needs only suitable hard standing foundation
  • Easily transportable
  • Sizes/capacity to suit clients footprint or site limitations
  • Finished in oil resistant paint
  • Clients own in-house colours can be accommodated on request

Additional Fittings

  • 65mm fill pipe complete with valve and non-spark cap
  • 65mm vent pipe complete
  • 25mm sludge drain pipe complete with plug
  • 40mm draw off pipe complete with valve
  • All valves can be supplied with locking clamp if required
  • 150mm hydrostatic contents gauge calibrated in litres
  • Overfill alarm and warning panel
  • DipTape and Calibration charts
  • High speed fuel dispensing pump installed on a pump stand and wired into an isolator switch. The pump is supplied complete with a 3m hose and auto nozzle. This is suitable for the fuelling of lorries, vans, etc.
  • Standard speed fuel dispensing pump suitable for fork trucks, vans etc, wired into an isolator switch. The pump supplied is complete with 3m hose and nozzle
  • Fuel monitoring equipment to suit clients requirements
  • An integral security cabinet with spillage containment installed on the end of the tank to house the fill pipe, gauge, dispensing pump, etc. This can be supplied open or with either a lockable roller shutter or hinged door. The cabinet will extend the overall length of the unit by 750mm. Lighting can be provided if required
  • A caged ladder and platform are available with a hot dipped galvanized finish.

Key Enclosed Bunded Fuel Tank Features:

  • Capacity Range from 1000 litres to 130,000 litres
  • Above ground enclosed bunded tank
  • Cylindrical Open Bunded Storage tank
  • store diesel fuel, white spirit and other semi-hazardous liquids is no longer a problem.
  • Enclosed Bunded lubrication oil tanks for clean & waste oils.
Vertical Open Bunded Storage Tank - Technical DrawingHorizontal Open Bunded Storage Tank - Technical Drawing

(Download PDF)Download PDF