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Gravity Feed Enclosed Bunded Storage Tanks
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Capacity Range from 1200 litres to 10,000 litres

Gravity Feed Bunded Storage Tank - View 1 Gravity Feed Bunded Storage Tank - View 2

The most cost-effective and environmentally safe ways of storing and dispensing gas, oil, diesel and kerosene. Ideal for fuelling plant at building sites and smaller transport operations.

The Gravity Envirotank can also be coupled into small standby generator and boiler installations. The Envirotanks compact design allows it to take up the minimum of space.

Being a totally self-contained, ready-to-use sealed unit, makes it easily moveable when empty and gives low maintenance the bunded area is enclosed.

The bottom of the tank is raised 1450mm above ground level allowing gravity feed to plant / generators


  • Weatherproof
  • Space saving
  • Compliance with Control of Pollution regulations
  • Cuts costly site work
  • Needs only suitable hard standing foundation
  • Easily transportable
  • Sizes/capacity to suit clients footprint or site limitations
  • Finished in oil resistant paint
  • Clients own in-house colours can be accommodated on request

Additional Fittings

  • 65mm fill pipe complete with valve and non-spark cap
  • 65mm vent pipe complete
  • 25mm sludge drain pipe complete with plug
  • 40mm draw off pipe complete with valve
  • All valves can be supplied with locking clamp if required
  • 150mm hydrostatic contents gauge calibrated in litres
  • Overfill alarm and warning panel
  • Dipstick complete with dip pipe and non-spark cap
  • Gate valve, Hose and nozzle can be supplied if a flow meter is not required
Gravity Feed Bunded Storage Tank - Technical Drawing
Gravity Feed Bunded Storage Tank - Side View

(Download PDF)Download PDF